website for students to make more informed rental decisions

Landing Page for UofTHome.

This is a web application hosting information about buildings where many students live in. The application provides user an interface to browse information about buildings and post their experience with buildings.

Interfaces for UofTHome. From left to right: All Reviews Page, Review Detail Page, and Submit Review Page.

The application also includes an admin page where admin user can go to and accept or decline new reviews on building before they were shown on the website.

Interfaces for UofTHom\'s admin page. From left to right: Admin Login Page, Admin Home Page, and All Buildings Page.

The web application is developed using the MERN Stack(MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js).

The web application is deployed to firebase on www.uofthome.com and have been used by over 500 users with over 60 reviews for more than 30 condo buildings.